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Česko-anglické gymnázium s.r.o.

Třebízského 1010
37006 České Budějovice 5
tel.: 380 425 133

e-mail: cag@cag.cz

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Napsal uživatel Štěpánka Kloudová, Mgr.   

The Mission of The Anglo-Czech High School CAG


The aim of the school is to provide a Liberal Education undertaken in an environment where it is safe to take intellectual risks and which encourages independent thought, self-confidence, creativity and imagination. The School community values close interaction characterized by integrity and a respect for others’ differences.

Study Focus


The main objective of the curriculum is, as the name of the school implies, the focus on English language studies. Naturally, English is the first foreign language at school. It is strongly emphasized in the programme through an extended number of English lessons, as well as English Conversation classes; some chapters of Geography, World History, Biology, and Social Studies are taught also in English. In the school year 2004/05, CAG introduced a new
programme in teaching advanced English for students aged 17-19 called “Streaming.” This innovative programme enables the students to focus on a preferred specialization in English (Business, Science, British&American Literature, or  Political Science&Global Issues); in October 2009, the school was  awarded a prestigious European language prize Label for the project Streaming. In addition, the students can select a further language sub-specialization in International Cambridge Exams FCE, CAE, or CPE. Since September 2012 CAG has become the Partner of British Council Institution.


Extra-curricular Programmes & Activities

Admittedly, the role of English is far more involved. English as a means of communication forms the basis of school life. Various activities of interest are offered in which the students can take part. Thus, the students, encouraged by their teachers, publish a school magazine, perform theatre plays, and hold various social and sport events, all based on communicating in English.  Our students participate also on a regular basis in annual national/international sessions of the Youth European Parliament & the Model of the United Nation, or the Model of the US Congress; such experience enables them to get directly involved in topical EU and other worldwide major issues utilizing English as the common communicative tool.  In 2007, our school team, which won the national contest, represented the Czech Republic at the 47th International Session of the EYP in Dublin. Another (scientifically- minded) extracurricular activity offered the students is the GLOBE Programme. The school has been participating in the GLOBE project since 1997. GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is a worldwide school-based scientific and educational

chemieprogramme. The students do daily atmosphere measurements (e.g. precipitation - rain or snow - including precipitation pH, air temperature, relative humidity, cloud cover and type), weekly hydrology measurements (e.g. transparency, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH) and also semi-annual land cover measurements. CAG students have contributed more than 13 thousand measurements to the GLOBE database; all the data are accessible on the web pages www.globe.gov.
GLOBE students work in close partnership with NASA and NSF (National Science Foundation) in study and research about the dynamics of Earth's environment. The students had a possibility to consult their research directly with two scientists from NASA who visited our school a couple of years ago. Additionally, CAG works on other projects, such as Ozone (measuring of surface ozone) and Carbon Cycle (investigating the carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems) within the GLOBE program.

Other popular activities at the school have always been the celebrations of traditional English and HalloweenAmerican holidays. The students do not just learn about Anglo-American festivals, they live them. The one with the longest tradition is Halloween. Then, with the majority of foreign teachers being American, Thanksgiving Day was introduced and has become a cherished  tradition. Guy Fawke’s Night, St Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, as well as Remembrance Day are also special occasions at CAG. Another- already traditional- celebration is the annual Christmas concert of the school students’ choir held at the former Dominican Monastery at the Piaristické square in Č. Budějovice. Furthermore, the school’s English department offers various educational activities, such as ”Experience Realia of English-Speaking Countries in Your Own Shoes” or the EDISON project organized by AISEC students from the local South-Bohemian university; the purpose of it is to hold a week dedicated to a particular country containing discussions with invited guests, slide shows, gastronomic presentations, movie & literary clubs, competitions, etc., all focused on getting authentic experience.  This programme combines knowledge, fun, personal experience, as well as a natural language practice.


Outdoor Activities

The school offers its students a wide scope of outdoor courses (cycling, paddling, skiing) and a one- week team-building and social-orientation course for newcomers called “Kalokagathia“.


General information


The Anglo-Czech High School is a private school established in 1992 as one of the first private high schools in Č. Budějovice providing a four-year secondary education to students aged 15 to 19. In 1995, the eight-year scheme for 11 to 19-year-old students was begun as well. Currently, the school has about 300 students. The number of students in each class ranges from 16 to 30 (maximum). The school’s annual tuition in the school year 2019/20 lies between 37,000 (for lower classes) to 39,000 Czech Crowns (for upper classes).

Since the school is orientated as a university prep, all of the senior students (98% in the academic year 2017/18) decided to continue their studies at universities in the Czech Republic or abroad.  To be specific, 7 our graduates launched their studies abroad in the school year 2017/18: VIA College in Denmark- 1 student, University of Glasgow in the UK-1 student, University of Aberdeen in the UK-1 student, University of Groningen in the Netherlands- 2 students, Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands- 1 student, University College London in the UK - 1 student

The school operates in an economically stable area with a long tradition of high-quality secondary education.  CAG’s student body is more or less homogenous (the majority of our students are of Czech nationality). However, the school seeks also to integrate students of nationalities other than Czech (Belorussian, Ukrainian, Russian, Dutch, Vietnamese, as well as Rotary students from Canada, the USA, Mexico, etc.).  CAG also caters for the needs of a few students with disabilities. In addition, annually, the school offers 12 social stipends to capable students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In the school year 2009/10, CAG introduced also incentive stipends for excellent academic or extra-curricular achievements.

The school building is surrounded with a large tree-garden with sporting grounds for an active students‘ use;  it is  located in a safe and calm neighbourhood of the capital of the South-Bohemian region,multicultur České Budějovice. The school is easily accessible by common means of city transportation.

Regarding the teaching staff, at the present, there are about 30 full-qualified teachers. Three of CAG’ English teachers (1999/2000, Jan Muzik , Florida; 2001/02  Ivana Procházková, New York; 2004/05,  and Štěpánka Kloudová, Idaho) have participated in the prestigious Fulbright programme for high school teachers in the USA.

At present, there are six native speakers contributing to the school’s overall multicultural  environment: five native speakers teaching English Conversation classes, Political Science, Business, and Science-Karey Rawitscher (USA), Rachel Nadine Kolisko (Canada), Vivian Lee White (USA), Amy Valladares (USA), and Steve Muckley (the Republic of Ireland); since other foreign languages are offered besides English, the school is extremely fortunate to host also Jesús Escobar Castillo from Peru. Apart from that, since September 2018, CAG has been hosting Mrs. Dagmar Osterloh, DAAD teacher from Germany, who is enganged in the DSD 2-programme.

Contacts abroad

To achieve high academic standards and also to promote a deeper understanding of different cultures, values

Englandand other aspects of life in English speaking countries, as well as other European  and non-European ones, the school  tends to promote strong personal contacts abroad. ČAG organises trips to England officially called “Let´s discover England together“ for students in the Tercie and 1st graders.

Since 2002, the school has been involved into numerous supranational European programmes, which is supported and funded by the EU; thanks to that, CAG has established firm bonds with other European countries with which we have been cooperating on a regular basis since then; thanks to such activities we found new, dedicated  friends in:

- Germany (Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium in Homberg)

- Spain (Joachim Bau IES in Tortosa)

- Slovenia  (Prvaja Gimnazija in Maribor)

-  Germany (Albert-Einstein- Schule in Berlin)

-  USA  (The Community School in Sun Vallley, ID)

- Austria (BORG- Oberstufenrealgymnasium in Linz/Hagenberg)

-  France (Lyceé in Lorient)

-  Mexico (Colegio Interlaken)

School management

RNDr. Danuše Lhotková
Phone number: +420 380 425 132
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Mgr Eva Draslarová
Phone number: +420 380 425 130
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Mrs Štěpánka Kloudová
Vice-Principal for Foreign Affairs &Foreigh Languages
Phone number: +420 380 425 137
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